Its time for change. Vote out the old machine and bring in new leadership. For years, we have had no progress with the present Congress person in office because there is no agenda for progress. Indeed, Its time to save social security, save senior services. save jobs, and save student services. And away with the greedy hands that want to use services for private interest. Sadly, Congress has allowed money to be taken away from Social Security. They allowed many jobs to be lost. And they allowed the removal of many mail boxes. For too long, Congress has used recycled tax dollars to stay in power and to defeat lower income candidates with big money.

Dear Citizens, our nation has been held hostage by big money which is channelled from the war industry, big corporations, and even non profits corporations. Give someone else a chance to be elected. David Sanchez wants to create a government work program and is opposed to forcing people to get health insurance.

40th Congressional District